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In partnership with the Vila Central Hospital (VCH), we are excited to continue to provide the equipment necessary to perform Basic Life Support at the country’s largest hospital.

In 2022, MJF ran an enormously successful end-of-financial-year campaign to provide lifesaving equipment to VCH including two defibrillators, which are used to restart the heart of a person in cardiac arrest.

The thing with medical equipment however is that it gets used, and over time things need to be replaced!

MJF is committed not only to providing new and high quality equipment, but also supporting the hospital with replacement and repair of the equipment we have previously donated. This means that there is a consistent, reliable, and ultimately a more sustainable supply of essential equipment.

With your help this EOFY, when VCH staff reach for a defibrillator in an emergency, we can make sure the battery is charged, the pads are there and it all works as it should!